August 2017 / by Anton Kapela

Time waits for no one!  How did I get so busy in retirement?  Actually, I do work a part-time job (supporting Social Security and Medicare!) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  It's nice to meet different people on the job and also look at the sky while I drive my routes!

I uploaded 32 new SLC Club pictures to the SLC Club web site over the August 19-20th weekend.  They can be found on a new page entitled 2017.  Take a look!  We finally have an entry from Australia!  I'm still trying to get some SLC images from South America and Asia (I can use your help).

Additionally, I added a new page concerning the purchase of SLC T-shirts.  It can be found in the "Information" tab in the menu bar.

As for the total solar eclipse on August 21st - I'll wait to see the images and videos posted on Twitter, Facebook and on commercial TV/Cable.  Hopefully, there will enough breaks in the expected clouds over southern Wisconsin during the eclipse!